GameStop Announces One-Day Event for PS5


On Saturday, May 28, GameStop stores in the USA will hold a one-day event where PowerUp Rewards Pro participants will be able to purchase PS5 kits in the store. This is the first GameStop event for PS5 in the store in more than a month, and the most recent of such opportunities for buyers took place in early April. While current-generation consoles are still becoming more affordable compared to launch, hardware is still severely limited.

Sony shipped the PS5 in November 2020, allowing the device to become the best-selling home console in U.S. history. Since then, PlayStation-branded equipment has also maintained a high sales rate: as of December 31, 2021, more than 17.3 million units have been sold. 2022. This, of course, comes down to the company’s inability to meet the incredibly high demand for a newer PlayStation. But residents of the United States who want to invest in a new console may be lucky this weekend.

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Tomorrow, May 28, GameStop (via GameSpot) will hold a PS5 sale in all its stores in the USA, except Alaska, Hawaii and Guam. The wording on the retailer’s official website states that the product will be sold only in kits, although the content and price of these kits were not disclosed at the time of writing. As with previous store events at GameStop, this offer applies exclusively to PowerUp Rewards Pro members who pay $14.99 per year for a number of benefits, including a $5 monthly reward, a subscription to Game Informer and, of course, exclusive early access to things. like console drops.

Given that stocks will be limited, those who are interested in taking advantage of the GameStop event in the store should try to arrive early, especially since it is not known how many consoles each store received to replenish stocks. There is also no information about when the retailer will have materials for another PS5 sale of this kind.

GameStop’s announcement came a few hours after the big news from PlayStation — the next broadcast of State of Play is scheduled to begin next week on Thursday, June 2, at 15:00 Pacific time. According to the details published in a brief post on the PlayStation blog, viewers can expect some exciting discoveries from third-party partners Sony Interactive Entertainment. Next week’s 30-minute edition of State of Play will also feature brief reviews of various PlayStation VR2 games.