Games to be Offered for the Next Week on Epic Games Store Announced


Epic Games Store continues to add new ones to its free games. Next week’s free games have been announced as Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Epic Games Store stands out with its free games in its fight against Steam. Epic Games Store, which continues to offer 2 games for free every week, seems to attract attention with this week’s games.

The Epic Games Store, which has been operating since December 2018, is known to offer some very special games for some weeks, and this week seems to be one of those weeks. According to the official announcement, this week’s free games will be Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable.

Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable will be available for free on the Epic Games Store:
What kind of game is Watch Dogs?
Watch Dogs, an action / adventure game, made its debut in 2014. In this game that you play with the main character named Aiden Pearce, a hacker, your aim is to take revenge on the attackers who attacked your family in the past.

What kind of game is The Stanley Parable?
The Stanley Parable, an interactive editing video game, was designed by Davey Wreden and debuted in 2011. In this game where you will go between dilemmas, you will direct the main character Stanley.

When we think that Epic Games Store offers its free games to its users on Thursdays, both of these games will be available on the Epic Games Store on March 19, 2020. You can reach our article that we share with you weekly games that Epic Games offers for free and you can have the games by following the steps in this news when the games are free.

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