Games of Thrones: The actor that nobody wanted to hire after his role in the drama


Game Of Thrones, the hit historical fantasy drama from the HBO broadcast network that concluded almost three years ago, practically served as a springboard for many of its actors, who after playing their roles immediately embarked on different film and television projects, except for one of them.

The series, which premiered in April 2011, quickly became the most watched historical drama on television due to its fascinating plot and the quality of interpretation of each of its characters, whose story arcs kept millions of viewers hooked around of the world.

However, Game of Thrones disappointed the vast majority of fans after presenting a disastrous ending, which will be remembered as one of the worst in television history. There are many who have called for the final episode of the series to be remade, after the much-criticized conclusion; however, several times they have made it clear that this will not happen.

And it is that despite everything, Game of Thrones continues to be recognized as one of the best developed programs in recent decades, with the exception of the end. Due to the enormous success that captured enviable audience levels with each season, the vast majority of its actors became celebrities and began to enjoy wide popularity, while embarking on different film and television projects.

However, that was not particularly happening with a Game of Thrones actor, whose character was one of the most important until the end of the series. This is John Bradley, best known for having played Samwell Tarly, who began as a secondary but gained prominence as the story progressed on screen as well as in the books.

It turns out that almost three years after the end of Game of Thrones, in 2022 the actor is having success after his role in the HBO series. Aside from lending his voice to an episode of Robot Chicken and appearing in another Urban Myths, Bradley wasn’t getting the roles he really wanted after playing Sam, one of the men closest to Jon Snow (Kit Harington).

During a recent interview with NME, the actor opened up about not being hired after playing the member of the Night’s Watch. Bradley said that he struggled after the end of Game of Thrones, as he didn’t want to get into roles similar to Samwell’s. Currently, he plays lunar conspiracy theorist KC Houseman in the new movie Moonfall; and Colin, the manager of Jennifer Lopez’s character in the recently released romantic comedy, Cásate Conmigo (Marry Me). This explained to the medium:

“Nobody seemed to want to take a chance on me. My confidence started to suffer. I wanted something different… Every time you have a show as successful as Game of Thrones, a lot of [similar characters] follow. But I thought, ‘I’m going to resist them. ‘.

“I went to the cinema to see… What did I go to see? I think it was the Bond movie, and I saw the trailer for Eternals and Kit was in it, and Richard was in it. It feels like there’s a party I’m not going to.” you’ve been invited. You see all your classmates there, they’re interacting with each other and you feel out of it,” he also told Comicbook.