Games Of Thrones: Revealed The Titles Of All The Confirmed Spin-Offs Of The Saga


Games Of Thrones: Author George R.R. Martin also confirms the showrunners for each of the projects. The epic journey of Game of Thrones did not end with the eighth season of the series. HBO Max is working on several spin-offs that will continue to delve into the stories of the Seven Kingdoms. George R.R. Martín, author of the Song of Ice and Fire novels, works closely with those responsible for the series. Through his official blog, he has not only confirmed the titles of all the confirmed products, but has also mentioned the showrunners behind the projects.

In addition to The House of the Dragon, which will premiere on HBO Max this year 2022, many other works are outlined in the future. “I am wanting to tell you things about them, but I must not.”, He has written. “Well, maybe there are some things that I can tell you, things that HBO has privately announced or that has given some hint. We are developing live-action series for HBO and animated series for HBO Max.” He rules out offering an exact number and assures that he would love for many of them to see the light. He has recognized, yes, that “not all” will.

“Some ideas we’re working on are quite different in tone and approach to what we’ve done before, that excites me. The world of Westeros (and Esssos, etc) is huge and there is room for many types of stories and a wide range of characters.

All the spin-off series of the Game of Tones saga

This is the complete list with all the officially confirmed series and the titles for each of these spin-offs of the Game of Thrones saga (Game of Thrones):

The House of the Dragon (showrunners: Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal)
The Sea Shake, formerly called 9 Voyages (showrunner: Bruno Heller)
10,000 Ships (showrunner: Amanda Segel)
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms / The Hedge Knight, title not yet decided (showrunner: Steve Conrad)
The Golden Empire, code title (unconfirmed showrunner)
On the animated series, Martin has pointed out that he cannot anticipate anything beyond the fact that everything is going very fast. “I love some of the concept art I’ve seen.” Some time ago it was leaked that one of the series was going to take place in Yi Ti, information that has turned out to be true: “The code name is The Golden Empire, we have an excellent young writer and I think the animation is going to be very nice”.