Games and games to spice up couples from a distance in quarantine


It is common to play games online during the period of isolation and social withdrawal between friends, but this also affects couples, especially if people do not live together. Games and applications for Android and iPhone (iOS) can help to reduce distances and also facilitate when trying to have a little more spicy conversation during the coronavirus quarantine (Covid-19). Simple games, challenges, questions and other classic games, can guarantee fun for two in these times, without having to be with the other person. Check out some tips in the list below.

1. iPassion
IPassion is available for free on Android and iOS and allows you to play with your partner in a game of questions and answers. Questions like “Do you talk about sex?” are common within matches. He has a paid option, which costs about R $ 25, removing advertisements and providing more questions in specific decks. There is no gift or challenge, only questions without commitment.

2. Truth or Dare
The classic Truth or Dare game has a free, digital version on Android and iOS. The mission here is to answer random questions asked by the game’s system or fulfill a challenge if you don’t want to answer. This is not necessarily a spicy or sexually appealing game, but it can have hot and compromising questions.

3. Nujj
Nujj is a messaging app for Android and iOS, but it works like a game. His main differential is that he has only one contact: his partner. It is made especially for a couple to interact with each other, send messages, exchange photos, generate appointments. The application has a reward system and a vibrate function to attract attention when you shake your phone.

4. Couple Game
Couple Game is available for free only on Android and is more of a game based on questions and answers, but this time specific to couples. It is very similar to iPassion, but it has some differences, such as sequences of questions and the possibility to guess what the other answers, which makes the game more varied and with more options, in addition to topics by topics.

5. Sexting via applications
Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat can also be great apps for anyone who wants to play sex games or have spicy conversations during quarantine. They are not necessarily games, but they can generate extra fun for the couple. It is always good to use known and secure applications, which have a good privacy system. In this respect, private Instagram or Snapchat stories can be a good option, as they can be automatically deleted. Telegram also has a way to “self-destruct” messages.


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