Games at 80 euros and what we did not see coming


PS5 announced price and release date, two things we expected. What was not foreseen is that the price of the games would leave us with a different foot. And it is not the only thing that comes to us with the new generation.

We had been thinking about the price of consoles and their release date for so long that we did not see the fine print of the next generation coming. At least for now on PS5. The most anticipated console jumped on the scene to respond to what its main competitor had put on the table the week before. Xbox Series X, the platform with the best performance at the hardware level, came out at 499 euros. And its Series S version at an attractive 299 euros. It was time to move a tab from Sony. And moved it.

We speculated with the price of the digital console, on whether it would be far enough from Series S or on the contrary, it would go to melee. Also, because some leaks and analyst comments indicated it, of the possibility that PS5 had a higher starting price. A bit like what happened in 2006 with Playstation 3. In the end, what the English Court told us and had refused happened: 499 euros for the version with a disc and 399 for the version without a disc.

The first, expected because it was competing in price with the premium version of Microsoft. The second, attractive if we take into account the message that in the battle of diskless consoles, PS5 maintains the specifications in its two versions. But we all ended up so focused on thinking about those 50 or 100 euros more or less in the final price of the new generation, that we missed something that we could not (or yes) foresee. Some of the big starting PS5 games are going to hit $ 79.99. 10 euros above the current standard for the most expensive titles (excluding special editions). Nobody saw it?.

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Of course, there will be stores with a more adjusted price, as it happens now, but the recommended price is what it is and that adjustment, by simple rule of three, will no longer be the same. Not to mention that the starting price for those who want the cheapest console, without disk and all digital, will be that in digital stores. Saving the disc reader no longer seems so attractive.

It is not really something that we were not notified in advance. Cory Barlog said during the month of July that prices should rise to prevent the securities from becoming microtransaction mines. In June, Shawn Layden had already warned that it was a possibility when he said that the cost of the games had grown by 10 and that, since he entered the business, they had not moved from $ 59.99. Production values ​​go up. Okay. Another topic of debate is whether the evolution of what we play compared to its predecessors, at the playable level, is escalating at the same rate.

And now, two months after the release of the new consoles, we finally found what we wanted. Date, price and games. But also with a small print that we did not have. The joy of seeing that the consoles do not exceed 500 euros does not last long when that fear of paying 600 for the hardware will be compensated, and with time exceeded, game by game. From 80 euros to 80 euros. 10 extra euros added in each new game. Why does the price of the base console no longer sound so adjusted?


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