Gamers Accidentally Purchased Xbox One X


The Xbox Series Xs that were pre-ordered via Amazon caused a strange confusion. It seems like gamers bought Xbox One X while trying to buy the Xbox Series X. Because the interest sent to Amazon One X in Amazon listings has increased by 747 percent within 1 hour.

Microsoft has pre-ordered its new game console Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as of yesterday. However, the company’s choices in naming seem to have caused the pre-order system to be confused. Many gamers ordered the wrong console via Amazon due to the name similarity.

As you know, Microsoft prefers very close names for game consoles. Names such as Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One X, Xbox One S are the clearest indicators of this. Here yesterday, gamers who wanted to pre-order Xbox Series X fell victim to these close names. The Xbox One X, which appears just below the Xbox Series X in Amazon listings, is experiencing a display explosion.

The Xbox One X’s interest in Amazon in just 1 hour rose 747 percent

If you access Amazon’s website and search for the Xbox Series X, you will see the Xbox Series X at first and the Xbox One X just below that. Moreover, the same images were preferred for both products. Users see the black colored consoles. As such, many gamers seem to have bought the wrong console while eagerly trying to pre-order the Xbox Series X. Because a 747 percent increase in interest in Amazon listings is not something easy to see.

Purchases made on e-commerce platforms can be easily canceled or returned. As a result, players who have purchased Xbox One X instead of Xbox Series X can even cancel their orders right now. However, the fact that the Xbox One X started to attract so much attention while gamers were chasing the Xbox Series X opened the naming policy that Microsoft applied for their consoles.

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While Microsoft’s name policy has caused players to be confused, this confusion can provide an advantage for players. Because recently, profit-oriented black marketers have started to use shopping bots. These bots automatically make the purchase of a product. If the malevolent people using these bots bought the Xbox One X instead of the Xbox Series X, it will be for gamers the most. However, gamers who want to have Xbox Series X still need to be quick.


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