Gamer Days: Check Out The Attractions Of The Second Edition Of The Intel Festival


Congratulations to us gamers! A lot of people might not know this, but August 28th is International Gamers Day, a date to celebrate the passion for video games.

To mark its presence in this universe, Intel holds, for the second time, the Gamer Days festival: 10 days with special promotions for the brand’s products and exclusive content, in partnership with gamers and streamers sponsored by Intel.

In 2021, the action takes place from August 27th to September 5th. Intel has not yet released the full schedule, but has already confirmed the presence of several personalities from #TimeAzul, its group of influencers, in live chat about games. Among the confirmed names are Amanda “AMD” Abreu, Michael Art Jack, Rascal, Tales Porphirio of Wakanda Streamers, Sher Machado and CherryGumms.

special promotions

In addition to “VIP attendance”, Intel has already announced that it will be promoting desktops, notebooks and PC gamer parts — not just its own brand, but also 10 other partner brands at the event. According to the company, the idea is to offer the “best deals of the year”. An early Black Friday?

According to Intel’s press releases, the idea of ​​the event is to show how the gamer public is important to the company, offering support that has become even more important in this period of isolation. The company cites data from the Game Brazil Survey (PGB) to remind that more than 75% of Brazilian gamers started playing more since the beginning of the pandemic. So, promotions to improve your setup are good right now, right?

As said, Intel has not yet released the exact dates and times of the lives, nor what offers will take place in the 10 days of the festival. This should be done during the event, so it’s already worth making a mark on the agenda: Intel’s Gamer Days Festival starts on August 27th. To know everything firsthand, you can access the event’s website and the brand’s social networks.

Also keep an eye out here on Voxel, where we will disclose the most important events of this and other events.


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