Gameplay Video of GTA 6 Leaked!


Gameplay Video of GTA 6 Leaked! Here Are the Clearest Images of the Game Ever [Claim]. A user on Twitter shared in-game footage that he claimed to be from GTA 6. The images confirmed that the game will take place in Vice City and that we will be directing a female character.

Rockstar, which recently officially cut the support of GTA V, which was released in 2013, has now started to wave for GTA 6. Announcing that it is officially working on the new GTA in the past months, the company still has not shared any new information from the game. Today, there was a sharing that shook the game world.

In GTAForums, a user named “teapotuberhacker” shared in-game images that he claimed belonged to GTA 6. In-game images that spread on social media in a short time showed what kind of atmosphere GTA 6 will take and some features waiting for us in this world. It was also seen that the game map is the map of GTA Vice City.

Images claimed to be from GTA 6:

Swimming test:

Walk/run test:

In-car physics:

We are inside a restaurant:


Vehicle crash test:

Where did these images come from?

According to the information shared on social media, the person who shared the images was fired from Rockstar Games, and these images were an act of revenge for him. While the authenticity of this story is unknown, it has also been suggested that the same person was responsible for the hacking of Uber recently. Of course, both of these information were spread as claims, without being verified.

So is this really GTA 6?

It is not known when these images, allegedly from GTA 6, were taken. But assuming that the images are up to date, we can say that Rockstar is still developing the game and has a long time to complete it. Because there are many deficiencies in the animations, interactions and game world in the game that we can only see from these videos. On the other hand, the images could be two years ago, and right now GTA 6 may be at a much more complete level.

According to some of the comments on the images on social media, it is almost certain that these images belong to GTA 6. Because it is stated that the debugging panels we see in the images indicate that the game engine from which the images were taken is the same game engine as Red Dead Redemption and GTA V.


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