Gameplay trailer released for Age of Empires IV


At the Gamescom 2021 event, many game studios released their own trailers. Meanwhile, a video came from the Age of Empires IV game.

A while ago, our childhood favorite real-time strategy game series Age of Empires came out with a new production. The gameplay video of the game, which will be released under the name Age of Empires IV, was shown at the Gamescom 2021 event. The video includes cinematic and engine game mechanics from the production.

Age of Empires IV comes with 4K visual compatibility

Age of Empires IV comes with many impressive features. For example, the production, which provides 4K visual compatibility, will offer more pleasing graphics quality. If you want, let’s take a look at the trailer and examine it.

When we look at the trailer of Age of Empires IV, we see some interesting elements. For example, a challenge called The Rise of Moscow was added to the production. During The Rise of Moscow, you develop Moscow and decide what you can do with a stronger army. It is entirely up to you to strategize on this issue. In fact, this is one of the reasons why this series is loved.

The game features the Holy Roman Empire

In addition to Rise of Moscow, the Holy Roman Empire is also included in the game as a civilization. Here, too, you take control of your power units and try to improve yourself in the light of various technologies. By collecting resources such as meat and wood in the game, you can spend on building construction or soldier production.

The game, which will be released on October 28, 2021, was developed by Relic Entertainment. On the publisher side, Xbox Game Studios is located. When the production is released, it will be available on PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming platforms. Age of Empires IV, which is currently on pre-order, will take its place in the Game Pass library on the day it is released.

What do you guys think about Age of Empires IV? Did the trailer released at Gamescom 2021 meet your expectations? Do not forget to express your ideas in the comments section.


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