GameFreak does not serve one subset of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans


Although The Pokemon Company remained silent for a long time before releasing the third Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, it contained a lot of useful information about all the new features in the game. This includes the Terastic phenomenon, a fighting trick for Gen 9 that allows Pokemon to change their existing types to a specific type of Tera, creating interesting strategic options for both attack and defense during the battle. Another important feature is that players will be able to ride the legendary Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Box, which allows them to travel around the Paldea region by land, air and water.

Despite the fact that the third Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer did show three new pocket monsters that appeared with the 9th generation, bringing the total number of known Pokemon to 11, since February it’s still very few new creatures to showcase. Paldean Pokedex also doesn’t include many critters in general yet, counting both new and returning Pokemon, which means many things will remain a mystery in the coming months. This is especially problematic for a certain subset of Pokemon fans who like to plan their teams in advance, as the only pieces of information about Scarlet’s Pokemon and Violet’s new Pokemon come from alleged leaks and rumors.

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Why Game Freak Should Reveal More New Monsters for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While it’s clear that Game Freak doesn’t want to talk too much about games before release, a clear idea of what Pokemon a new region has to offer is crucial in some cases to create a stir. This is the case with those fans who like to spend time forming their team in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as in any other main game of the franchise, especially when everything is brand new.

Identifying only 11 new creatures in five months is not enough for someone to start thinking about which Pokemon they will include in their team, especially since the players do not know anything about possible evolutions and pre-evolutions for these Pokemon. For example, according to some leaks, Paumi is rumored to evolve twice and become the first electric/combat-type Pokemon in the series, which can be tempting when it comes to team planning. However, this has not yet been confirmed, and the truth may be quite different.

Although the leaders may have revealed combinations of types for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starts and evolutions, their design, movements and abilities are still a secret, which means that players cannot yet make a choice that is well informed. In addition, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet presumably add some inter-generational evolutions that only the leaders talked about, which makes it even more difficult to create a line of creatures that use reprises instead of the new Paldean Pokemon. Then there will be regional variants in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as the new Paldean Wooper proves, and they too remain missing.

Generally speaking, creating teams before release is something that most of the Pokemon community likes to do, to the point that many fans have started sharing their team lineups for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, approaching their launch date. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet shouldn’t deprive fans of this; Game Freak should seriously consider revealing new and old Pokemon that are part of Gen 9 Pokedex within the next month or two. In general, it may seem unimportant to some, but the theory development teams have been and always have been part of the excitement about the release of a new Pokemon game, and Game Freak should take this into account.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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