will make it easier for players become professional


A platform that has established itself as the main destination for eSports players, seeks to provide a space for amateur players to train until they enable their skills to the professional scene.

The company is chaired by the founder and CEO, Rosen Sharma. The executive was the creator of BlueStacks in 2011, and became SVP and CTO at McAfee – he helped lead the company to the acquisition by Intel. He graduated from IIT Delhi with a Gold Medal and received a Ph.D. from Cornell & Stanford University.

Throughout his career, Sharma founded a number of successful organizations, which were bought by other tech giants. Among them are (acquired by Citrix), GreenBorder (acquired by Google), VxTreme (acquired by Microsoft), Ensim (acquired by Ingram Micro) and Teros (acquired by Citrix).

To learn more about his impressions about the electronic sports market today, news and a little more about the eSports platform, TudoCelular interviewed the executive. Check out all the details below: was created in 2018 and already has numbers to be considered the number one eSports platform in the world. When asked about the history of service from creation to current success, Rosen Sharma explains what drove her creation.

The secret would be in Artificial Intelligence used to facilitate the creation of eSports tournaments. Thus, amateur players can train and meet other gamers who follow similar paths.

“We achieved this success at by merging the power of the sports communities and the advancement of our technology. Using our AI-based bot, Tourney, we help the gaming communities by making the heavy experience of hosting and running tournaments. AI eliminates the disincentive cost of running tournaments and the friction of organizing and managing an electronic sports tournament or league. It is the perfect place for amateur players to train and meet like-minded players. ”

Rosen Sharma
CEO and founder of