Game of Thrones, Vikings … What is the most pirated series in 2019?


Many fans pirate episodes of Game of Thrones, Vikings or The Walking Dead. Discover the most pirated series!

The year 2019 marked the end of the successful Game of Thrones series. Many fans hacked the episodes, but she was not the only series to find herself in the same situation. Discover the top of the most pirated series between Vikings, The Walking Dead and Arrow.

A new year begins and fans of series never tire of their television shows. In a few days, they will be able to follow The Flash, Arrow and Vikings again and there is no shortage of illegal sites to watch the episodes. The year 2019 has seen records in series piracy and this can be explained with Game of Thrones season 8. Indeed, the season marked the end of Jon Snow’s story and fans were there.

Instead of watching episodes on HBO or OCS, Game of Thrones fans hacked season 8. So, in 2019, the series is in first place in the top of the most pirated series with Bitorrent. According to TorrentFreak, the series on Jon Snow and Daenerys resumes its place of show illegally watched. It had given way in 2018 since no episode had seen the light of day.

However, Game of Thrones is not the only series most seen illegally. Indeed, no one could have expected Chernobyl’s success. It has had a big hit on OCS and some fans have chosen to hack it. Thus, it finds itself in second place in the TorrentFreak ranking. Then, The Mandalorian appeared in third place and the series on the Star Wars universe was much talked about. There is also The Big Bang Theory in third position.

In December 2019, fans of Vikings got to see season 6 and it is still being broadcast in the United States. So, the fans seem to be there and some hack it. Thus, Vikings is in fifth place in the ranking and we find just after The Walking Dead. AMC unveiled the first part of season 10 of The Walking Dead last October. So fans should see the next episodes in a few months. Finally, in seventh place, there is The Flash then the classification ends with Arrow in tenth place.


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