Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner has always supported and helped Maisie Williams!


On the Game of Thrones film set, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner became friends. Since then, they have always been there for each other!

Life is not always easy! In recent years, Maisie Williams, Arya in Game of Thrones, has gone through very painful times. Indeed, the actress feels very bad about herself!

Besides, the young woman does not hide her discomfort from her fans! She had already mentioned it on her Instagram account after posting an embracing photo of her. “I have very low self-esteem,” she admits.

Fortunately, she can count on the support of her best friend! And this is Sophie Turner! The two actresses met on the set of the Game of Thrones series!

Since then, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have never left each other! In short, the two young women have become inseparable! Besides, they stay very close even at the hardest moments. The proof !

Today, Sophie Turner spins perfect love with Joe Jonas. But it doesn’t mean that she forgets her best friend! When Maisie Williams needs comfort, GOT’s Sansa Stark is always there!

So the actress is very grateful to him! Besides, she confides in Glamour’s SS19. “We have always been very open to each other,” said the young woman.

“As you get older, the stakes are higher, the problems get worse, so we are moving towards a lifelong friendship. Sophie knows too much about me not to be my friend. ”

But that’s not all ! Sophie Turner has always been there for her. “She really helped me through messy breakups and breakups with friends. (…) She is my pillar, ”says Maisie Williams. So cute !

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