Game of Thrones season 8: new images of Westeros unveiled


Fans of the Game of Thrones series will be happy! Images of the latest episodes show Westeros like you’ve never seen it before!

General alert! The backstage images of season 8 of the famous Game of Thrones series reveal new shots of Westeros!

Even if the famous series has bowed, new shots will surprise you!
The Game of Thrones series has become legendary ! Whether we like it or not, the saga has everyone agreed on one point. The special effects fascinated, as did the acting and the endless twists! Backstage work, for example, is just awesome!

Take a look behind the scenes at Westeros during season 8! You can see by clicking on this link the incredible montages of the series ! You can see the work done for the battle against the Night King and the White Walkers for example. We dive into the heart of the creation of the legendary GOT series!

This portfolio makes it possible to carry out the work carried out to arrive at such a spectacular reduction. How do teams make battle scenes so realistic? The directors finally answer this question by revealing the entire creative journey! So, to achieve such a good job, the actors, directors, turners, designers coordinate.

But there is one thing that makes Game of Thrones so unique! Indeed, we can realize that if the series is so successful, it is also thanks to the landscapes! Indeed, with the huge budget they had, the directors did not save on the sets. And that’s good ! The actors thus play on magnificent life-size film sets. The series may have been divided and not everyone liked it! On the other hand, everyone agrees that the decor is sublime!


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