Game of Thrones Final Statement by George R.R. Martin

The author of the epic novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, the origin of the Game of Thrones series, George R.R. Martin explained how the series would actually end. He said the ideas for making the final film were not accepted by HBO.

The Game of Thrones series ended in May of last year, but its fans still cannot fully agree on the last season of the series, one of the biggest productions in television history. The creator of the books is George R.R. Martin seems to reignite the discussions, saying that he may end up with a completely different ending from the way he chose the series producers.

Author George R.R. In an interview with Martin Welt, he explained that after the 7th season, they actually wanted to end up in a movie trilogy and that they often talked about this with David Benioff and Dan Weiss, but the idea was rejected by HBO. According to Martin, the reason for HBO’s rejection of movies is that they want to produce TV series rather than movies.

We all know that HBO is defending the finale of the series at every opportunity. Only the part that HBO is away from is that fans find the way to the final of the story rather than criticizing the final, the progress of the script at a fast pace and the inconsistencies caused by logical errors that frustrate expectations.

HBO decision
We do not know if the responses would change if a movie trilogy came from the Game of Thrones front, or could this decision wipe away the rushed air in season 8. One way or another, Game of Thrones somehow made its grand finale and ended. HBO seems to have no intention of filming anytime soon. The channel has now begun spending overtime on the new TV series House of Dragon, which deals with the Targaryen family in detail.

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The exact attitude of HBO and Martin’s confessions seem to make a sound. The effects of these explanations on the tight followers of the series will be determined from the comments to be made in the coming days.



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