Game of Thrones: this actress who could star in House of the Dragon!


The Game of Thrones spin-off is fast approaching. Besides, a theory has just been considered! A actor from the series could be back in House of the Dragon!

Recently, the producers of Game of Thrones were teasing the creation of the series’ spin-off, House of the Dragon. A news that had greatly pleased the fans, already sad to see the end of GOT. In fact, season 8 had been talked about a lot … Indeed, the fans had not taken gloves to say that they did not like the end of the series at all. Let us remember then that Daenerys was murdered by her nephew and lover Jon Snow!

Either way, the creators of Game of Thrones plan to catch up with the spin-off. This one should then focus on the Targaryens! The action of the ancestors of Daenerys and Jon Snow will therefore take place 300 earlier. But if the events occur so long before the GOT intrigue, then it seems unlikely that a character from the series will join the cast …

Well no ! Actress Carice Van Houten could very well be part of the spin-off. Indeed, Melisandre is much older than we might have thought. But that’s not all ! The Entertainment Weekly website had already made this assumption … In fact, they had questioned the star of Game of Thrones. She had therefore admitted that her appearance was possible but that it depended on the plot. So far nothing has been confirmed and everything remains very mysterious for the new series.

“I would be interested if we could see a completely different side of it. “Then said the actress before adding:” It should be an interesting perspective that we have never seen before. Otherwise, I feel like I ended the story of my character in a natural way, which is also a good thing. The Game of Thrones spin-off is expected to be released sometime in 2020.


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