Game Streaming Service GeForce Now Coming to iOS


GeForce Now, one of the most popular game streaming services, is preparing to come to the iOS platform via the Safari browser. If this happens, it may be possible again to play Fortnite on iOS via the cloud service.

The war between Apple and Epic Games is still raging. As a result, the Fortnite game, which was removed from iOS, disappointed millions of players. As the struggle between the two big companies continues, a move that will delight iPhone users seems to come from NVIDIA. GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s service that allows playing games over the cloud, plans to bring many games, including Fortnite, to iOS via the Safari browser.

If NVIDIA’s game streaming service is successful, we will be able to access all the games on NVIDIA GeForce NOW via iPhone and iPad without violating Apple’s App Store policies. Apple says game streaming is allowed on iOS as long as the service works with existing apps in the App Store. Due to this permission, many applications are looking for a shell application to work on iOS without entering the App Store. NVIDIA GeForce NOW can also serve this purpose properly.

According to the BBC, the GeForce NOW service will be able to run via Safari. If this information is correct, users can access the entire GeForce NOW game catalog directly from the browser without having to download any games and access the App Store.

Browser gaming proven with Facebook Games

Running games in the browser may not seem very realistic for many people, but Facebook Games is already known to be able to run games on the iOS platform through the browser. Playing games via the browser can be difficult as some games require a controller, but we’ve seen an API for the Stadia controller in Safari’s desktop app. At this point, such facilities can also come to GeForce NOW.

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Fortnite can come back to iOS with its cloud service

It seems that Fortnite will open up as GeForce NOW starts to support iOS devices via Safari. IOS users who want to play Fortnite will be able to access Fortnite and many more games by subscribing to this streaming service.


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