Game sales boomed during Pandemic days!


Because of the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic, many people live a quarantine life. People staying at their homes started looking for new activities to spend time. As there was a great increase in the series and movie views, many people spent their time with video games. According to the latest reports, game sales increased significantly during the pandemic days compared to last year.

Game sales increased by 11 percent in pandemic days
In the three-month period ended on March 31, the US video game industry generated a total of $ 10.86 billion in revenue. As a result of the reports, there has been an increase of 9 percent compared to the previous year. Since many people stay at home, people who do not have time to play games in their normal lives also started to consume video games. Those who play games under normal conditions spent most of their time at the console or computer.

Video game content (software) reached $ 9.58 billion, an increase of 11 percent overall. Games such as Doom Eternal, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Minecraft and Animal Crossing: New Horizons were among the bestsellers throughout the quarter. On the hardware side, consumers are left with stock problems. As production slowed down, finding PlayStation and Xbox consoles has become very difficult. The prices of those in the market have increased significantly.

While sales of games increased greatly during the pandemic days, Nintendo was one of the most profitable companies. The company, which generates an additional income of $ 733 million due to switch sales, has a hard time growing products. Nintendo, which wants to increase its production capacity by 10 percent, continues to work on this issue. In key areas, there is still a shortage of inventory.


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