Game profile on Twitter responds to leaks


It seems like a matter of time before we get more information about the next game in the Battlefield series. After all, business analyst Roberto Serrano, former editor-in-chief of 4News, posted on his private Twitter a series of possible leaks about Battlefield 6. Check it out:

According to Roberto, the game will be released in our spring of 2021 with versions for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, all running on the Frostbite engine and with cutting-edge graphics. The combat will take place in the present times and will show fights both on a large scale and in closed environments, with multiplayer comprising between 16 and 128 players.

It will be possible to customize both soldiers and weapons and vehicles, and a battle royale free to play mode should be added in early 2022. There are certainly many new features and it would be easy to treat them just as a rumor, but the game’s own official profile on Twitter passed the information on with a joke

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