Game of Thrones: What We Always Suspect About Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams


The brutal success of Game of Thrones since it debuted in 2011 directed the eyes of its fans around the world on each of its characters and for two of the youngest members of its cast it was not easy to deal with fame, work responsibilities and adolescence. For more than 8 years, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams shared sets and lives, forging a family on and off camera.

They have speculated the most unimaginable about them, they have criticized them for being too far apart or because they shared too much, the truth is that a friendship like this is not built with trinkets. Especially when its foundations are solid as rock, thanks to the trust and respect that these actresses who played the sisters of the Stark family, Sansa (Turner) being the oldest and Arya (Williams) the youngest, have in this emblematic HBO series, which continues unbeatable before the public.

When the Game of Thrones cameras went off in 2019, many rumors that the friendship had changed began to spread. However, both broke the silence about their relationship, which they even said was loving, for calling each other “Mophie” and for sharing so much time on and off the recording set.

Maisie Williams spoke about their time together on Game of Thrones, noting that the Stark sisters had a lot of fun together during filming and even after the series. Countless images on their social networks prove it and the paparazzi also came to life photographing happy moments of these two great friends. For her part, Turner has stated on several occasions that Maisie was, is and will be her favorite person within the GOT team.

It should be remembered that, when they auditioned for Game of Thrones, Williams was only 12 years old and Turner was 13, the unique experience of being only a year apart and living their teenage years on screen together, united them very much. plus. Both debuted with the series and their chemistry was present from day one; they celebrate their friendship as if it were a marriage anniversary. It’s more! The date that both decided to get tattooed on their arms, 08.07.09, is because that is the date on which they both found out that they had been given their roles in Game Of Thrones and their lives changed forever.

“So when we had a day off from filming in Belfast we went to a tattoo place and got it done,” Turner said.

Both Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner belonged to the great Stark family in the series, but they also consider themselves as sisters, and all sisters have differences at some point, there are also arguments, fights and estrangement. It is normal for a friendship relationship as intense as theirs to have its ups and downs, but it is a very difficult bond to break, so they will be sharing many more years, and who knows if they may even work together again on a project .

“She played my sister, so we were like sisters. We got the part at the same time and grew up on the show together and it was amazing to have someone else going through it at the same time as me, because I think I just wouldn’t have done it, otherwise it would have been too much,” Williams said.