Game of Thrones: This is the character that was played by three different actors


The story of the Seven Kingdoms that we saw in Game of Thrones caused an international sensation, and that is, although the epic story of George RR Martin has not yet reached its conclusion in the books, on HBO the end could be seen in the year 2019, despite the fact that this ending caused a lot of controversy, this is how things were carried out.

In addition to having an epic story, the actors also had a lot of influence to give life to now iconic characters, which is why a large part of the cast was awarded on more than one occasion thanks to their performance in Game of Thrones. But, on more than one occasion, different actors had to intervene in the lives of these characters, and on rarer occasions, some main characters made their debut and were eventually replaced by other actors as the story progressed.

Undoubtedly, on different occasions these resounding changes were overlooked, as happened in the case of Daario Naharis, for example, changing Ed Skrien for Michiel Huisman, was tolerable, and the character appeared briefly near the end of the third season. before being replaced before the fourth season.

But, this was not the only change that was experienced in the series, since another important character was not only played by one or two, but by three actors throughout the program, and the final replacement remained until the end of Game of Thrones.

Possibly the change has not been so noticeable because most of the time we saw him hidden behind a helmet, that’s right, it’s about “The Mountain”, Gregor Clegane. This fearsome fellow first burst onto the scene in a ferocious rage on the hit HBO show starring Conan Stevens.

In the first season he appeared in two episodes before being replaced by Ian Whyte in the second season. In the fourth season, once again this subject was replaced and he was playing it until the final episode of the program, and that is that, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, took one of the most feared titles of Westeros.

Thanks to the incredible and fearsome role of him, Björnsson proved that this was one of the best and most epic roles of his.