Game of Thrones: The game played will go to Broadway


According to Deadline, a play based on HBO’s Game of Thrones series is currently being developed by producers Simon Painter and Tim Lawson, with script and adaptation by Duncan MacMillan and directed by Dominic Cooke. George R.R.Martin, author of the original work, is also part of the team.

Apparently, the production will take place at a crucial moment in the history of the series, including the participation of many well-known characters. The play is expected to be staged for the first time in 2023 on Broadway, in the West End and also in Australia.

“The seeds of war tend to be planted in times of peace. Few in Westeros knew of the carnage that would come when nobles and commoners would gather at Harrenhal to watch the best knights in the kingdom compete in a major tournament during the Year of the False Spring, ”said Martin, in an official statement.

“It is a highly cited tournament during HBO’s Game of Thrones, and in my novels of The Chronicles of Ice and Fire. Now, at last, we will be able to tell the whole story on stage, ”said the writer.

Learn more about the theatrical project involving the Game of Thrones series

The production credits at the theater of the team responsible for the project are quite impressive, including a series of montages of works known to the public, as well as participation in important festivals in the segment.

“I have a great admiration for the world of George [R.R. Martin] and his characters, ”commented Duncan MacMillan in a press release. “Working on this piece during the pandemic brought me a real privilege. I can’t wait until we can go back to a theater to experience it together, ”he said.

Game of Thrones has been shown on HBO over eight seasons. In Brazil, episodes are available directly on the station’s streaming.


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