Game of Thrones: The cameo of this famous singer was a gift for Maisie Williams


Game of Thrones is the fantasy drama of the HBO chain, which came to an end in 2019 after eight installments on the air. Most fans were not satisfied with its conclusion to the point of considering season 8 the worst of the entire series. However, some could not say the same about the previous installment as they at least had fun with the cameo of a famous singer. And while that wasn’t significant to the show’s concluding story, it was important to Arya Stark’s Maisie Williams.

As with any successful television show, celebrity cameos are important to audience appeal. And while some of these request to appear courtesy on the screen, others are required by the producers of the show just as it happened in Game of Thrones, not so much to raise the rating of the series, but to make a special gift.

Game of Thrones fans got to know Ned Stark’s youngest daughter, Arya Stark, who was seen fighting for her survival from the end of the first season when she witnessed her father’s beheading, until the last installment. from the HBO series. Williams’ character has come a long way in the face of danger with each episode making use of the skills she has gained through training.

Maisie Williams was just a teenager when she first appeared on Game of Thrones. As the series progressed on screen, the actress was growing just like her character Arya Stark. Without a doubt, it was a great challenge for the young actress to be in one of the biggest series in the history of television, since in order to keep her role in the fantasy drama she had to drop out of school, and therefore, she had to spend long days on the intense filming set and away from the city.

The truth is that the creators of Game of Thrones prepared a pleasant surprise for Maisie Williams on the set of the series. It was then that showrunner David Benioff approached the famous pop singer Ed Sheeran, with the purpose of having him make a notable appearance in the season 7 opener of the HBO drama.

In Game of Thrones, Ed Sheeran made a cameo appearance as a gift to Maisie Williams from the production of the show. The British pop star appeared among a group of Lannister soldiers in a scene showing Arya Stark traveling on horseback when she meets the group of men clad in armor.

In the HBO series, she sees Sheeran mid-song at a campfire and turns for a close-up as Stark’s youngest daughter and the soldiers converse. David Benioff said in an interview that they knew that Maisie was a big fan of the singer and that for years they tried to include him in the program in order to surprise the actress, until they finally succeeded.