Game of Thrones: The aftermath that Kit Harington left his time in the HBO series


Game of Thrones, the historical fantasy drama that ended in May 2019 after eight seasons on the air through the HBO broadcast network, promoted the careers of most of its actors in the world of entertainment, making them well-known celebrities. However, behind the fame of the stars there are some details that are probably unknown to fans of the series.

The successful and criticized series follows the lives of several houses of powerful families that fight to seize the iron throne. A drama that was inspired by the literary works written by George RR Martin, and that became over the years one of the most watched television programs in the world.

The fact of having spent eight years on the film set of Game of Thrones undoubtedly changed the lives of many of its actors. Staying away from home for long daily hours for several years while shooting scenes in low temperature environments is not an easy task for any human being. However, the quality of the program’s story and the excellent interpretation of each of its characters, compensated its interpreters with world-wide fame.

It is also likely that several of the actors of Game of Thrones have felt affected after finishing the filming of the series. But what you can be sure of is that this happened to Kit Harington, best known for playing Jon Snow in all eight seasons of the HBO fantasy series.

The Game of Thrones star revealed during an interview that he struggled after the series finale in 2019. Kit Harington claimed he was forced into a rehab program to get help with his alcohol addiction problem, a of the sequels left by his time in the HBO drama.

Harington recently told The Guardian that he believes he might have become an actor because of the same issues that fueled his addiction. Likewise, he stated that he has always been a person who loves to attract attention. Being away from the cameras and the show after the end of Game of Thrones led him down the path of depression and addiction. This confessed Kit Harington:

“This is a very addictive job. In a week, I’m going to go out there and get on stage and get applause and it’s going to be a huge high. The problem is that I’ve never wanted to get off that high. Now I’ve learned how to do it and I’m so much happier for it.”

Despite his personal struggle at the end of Game of Thrones, Kit Harington says he still remembers the HBO series fondly. After all, he wouldn’t have his family if it wasn’t for the hit show. Recall that it was on the set of the drama that he met his current wife and with whom he shares a son, Rose Leslie, who played Ygritte. This shared:

“I feel very privileged to have been in it and I keep coming to the theater, in large part, thanks to that series. There is a child downstairs, and my wife, who I met in the series. I looked at it from a perspective of deviousness and anxiety a lot of times when I was in it. Now I have no reason to.”