Game of Thrones: It will celebrate its 10th anniversary!


This month (April) marks the 10th anniversary of the premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO. The first episode of the iconic series was released on April 17, 2011, and the network wants to celebrate its award-winning production of eight seasons in style. So, on Monday morning, HBO announced The Iron Anniversary.

The celebrations will begin with a highlight on the series on the streaming service HBO Max. The Game of Thrones featured page will select all kinds of information about the show and the fandom, including backstage extras, cast interviews, clips and trailers.

Starting on April 10, HBO will release “MaraThrone”, which will feature a consecutive broadcast of each episode of season 1, challenging fans to remake the entire series.

New Game of Thrones products to be made available

Also due to the celebration, HBO has partnered with several different companies to create limited edition products for the Iron Anniversary.

One of these products is a unique imperial egg inspired by Daenerys Targaryen made by Fabergé, the most iconic jeweler in the world, and co-designed by Emmy-winning costume designer Michele Clapton. The egg includes a miniature crown designed by Clapton, which represents the crown that Daenerys would have worn if she had assumed the Iron Throne.

In addition, Mikkeller, the Danish craft beer company, has launched a variety of beers inspired by the series.

Pop Funko has also unveiled a new, iron-bound limited edition variety from Game of Thrones collectibles and new figures based on Arya Stark, Khal Drogo and many more.

Don’t miss the GOT 10th anniversary special on HBO Max!

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