Game of Thrones: HBO Max Will Produce Two More Animations Based On The Series


Game of Thrones: HBO Max has ambitious plans for the continent of Westeros, but in an animated version. According to reports brought in by The Hollywood Reporter, the network is expected to bring two more Game of Thrones animations to its streaming platform — in addition to another project announced for the future.

Currently, the spin-off House of the Dragon is the only series based on the GoT universe already in development. However, as the project should air on television, HBO was looking for new plots to get on HBO Max. Apparently, one of the stories must take place in the kingdom of Yi Ti, a region located on the continent of Essos and possible substitute for the Empire of China.

Initial stage

Despite the initial rumors piqued the curiosity of fans, there are still very few details revealed about HBO’s new creations due to the fact that everything is still in an early stage of creation. However, one of the shows is being described as an “adult drama” similar to the original live-action that has won thousands of worshipers around the world.

Other interesting news is that George R. R. Martin, author and screenwriter of the Song of Ice and Fire saga that Game of Thrones was inspired by, is working directly with HBO execs to expand the series’ universe. Therefore, viewers can expect him to at least assume the role of executive producer in this new wave of productions.

Flea Bottom discarded

If on the one hand HBO Max should invest in two more animated series, the project named Flea Bottom ended up being discarded by the network. Although the plot was never officially confirmed by HBO, rumors suggest that the series would be set in the poorest part of King’s Landing.

With so many different ideas being considered at the same time, the project had been struggling to reach a resolution point. As a potential, Flea Bottom could approach the lives of characters who came from these “slums” of the Royal City, as is the case of Gendry (Joe Dempsie) and Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham).


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