Game of Thrones: Fans Confirm What We Suspect About Actor Jack Gleeson


Jack Gleeson played a character so despicable that most adjectives used to describe him are unfit for publication. But the actor has hordes of fans around the world who loved his portrayal of Joffrey on Game of Thrones. The thing is, some people are confused as to why people think so highly of Jack Gleeson and why he got so much media attention after leaving the show following the death of his character.

The actor previously explained that he enjoyed playing Joffrey because it gave him the opportunity to get out of his own head and into someone else’s for a while. Since Jack Gleeson also enjoys the creative side of Hollywood (he’s in stage productions these days), he liked the elaborate nature of Game of Thrones and the depth of its characters.

Fans theorize that Jack Gleeson is so revered because his character was especially difficult to play. However, it wasn’t just the fact that he was as convincingly evil as Joffrey. The other thing that fans loved was that Jack took a two-dimensional character and completely followed it; Unlike other characters in the original book, Joffrey doesn’t have first-person perspective chapters, fans explain.

That meant that all anyone had to do for Joffrey was the accounts in the third person, through the eyes of the other characters. However, Joffrey, on screen, was a three-dimensional villain with interesting depth to him. Most of the praise the actor receives for developing a well-rounded character clearly goes to those who wrote the script, of course. But Jack Gleeson himself brought the character to life, and he clearly deserves credit for his contributions.

After all, before Joffrey came to life in Game of Thrones, fans called the character “a boring character” who could have ended up as a “typical bad character.” The real issue is that Joffrey goes through a lot of moments without doing anything important, but Jack Gleeson made sure that he was executed on screen to the best of his abilities.

Like any other actor in a notable series (or movie franchise), some wonder if people love Jack Gleeson simply because of the show he was on, rather than his actual acting skills. But fans argue that he is a “gifted” actor because he brought a “complex” character to life. Beyond that, he continued to develop his acting skills on stage, and he didn’t just take on the next big project that came his way. This also details that not only is the project important for the actor, but also the role that moves him to play.