Game of Thrones: Ed Sheeran Accuses Fans Of Screwing Up His Role In The Series


Game of Thrones: In an interview with British radio Absolute Radio, Ed Sheeran gave more details about his cameo appearance in Game of Thrones and revealed a certain hurt with the audience after suffering criticism, claiming that they “spoiled” his fun and his moments behind the scenes of the series.

In its eight seasons, the popular HBO series Game Of Thrones has scaled few cameos in its episodes, betting on the introduction of new actors and actresses and others consolidated as regular characters. And one of those few “foreign” standouts from the production was singer Ed Sheeran, who suddenly appeared in the first episode of season seven by bringing a Lannister soldier to life.

Although the chapter got a good rating on IMDb — grade 8.6/10 — it was highly criticized for Ed Sheeran’s performance, with many fans accusing the direction of appealing to cheap fan service, especially after the singer sang a song alongside her friend Maisie Williams (Arya Stark). And these criticisms seem not to have pleased the singer at all, who took advantage of an interview to reveal the impact of the judgment on his work and on television projection.

“It was great [working on the show]. What wasn’t great was the reaction to my participation. I feel like people’s reaction kind of clouded my joy, they spoiled my fun,” said the singer. “I didn’t expect there to be such a reaction, but I’m definitely more careful when I’m offered cameos now. I feel like people’s reactions to this kind of clouded my joy,” he lamented.

According to Sheeran, the scene was meant to be a surprise for Williams, but was eventually spoiled by Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), who spread the word at a convention. Also during the statement, he revealed that Arya’s demise was meant to be far more tragic, but her death was prevented after script review.

“She was always amazing,” Sheeran said of Maisie. “I don’t think they had written the ending yet. It was supposed to be her last season, but it wasn’t. And as a surprise to her, [they] invited me. “, said.