Game of Thrones: Actor who wanted to play Jon Snow was always in the cast


Game of Thrones fans proudly post family posters of favorite cast members each week in preparation for the conclusion of the beloved series. Even though the series ended a while ago, fans continue to receive news and much more now that the House of the Dragon prequel is very close to premiering.

As anticipation mounts for spinoff series and prequels, people fan out to come up with conspiracy theories, compare screen performances to book, and analyze episodes scene by scene, frame by frame. In an effort to further promote the end of an HBO dynasty, cast members are getting more vocal about giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what was happening in Westeros, beyond the wall, and outside. the makeup chair.

For those of you who love Game of Thrones and want a little more to get through until what’s next, we’re offering behind-the-scenes secrets, including some dating back to season one.

For super fans, there are a few tidbits revealed to further increase the breadth of Game of Thrones lore, like the behind-the-scenes secret of Game of Thrones that featured a renowned actor from the series battling for the role of Jon Snow. by Kit Harington, which even the biggest fans don’t know about.

The brilliant villain Iwan Rheon, who played the ruthless sociopath Ramsay Bolton, seems like he was cut out for the role, even if he wasn’t the one he wanted. The truth is that the actor, a native of Wales, wanted to play Jon Snow. Although Rheon had a solid audition, the role went to Kit Harington.

The producers knew about the talent when they saw it and instead waited until season three to connect with Iwan Rheon and see if he considered another character very different and much more sinister. Game of Trhones fans can now agree that this was the correct casting choice, but it’s interesting to know what prompted Iwan to join the team.