“Game of Thrones”: 9 Memes that Perfectly Describe Joffrey as a Character


With House of the Dragon premiering on August 21, it is still unclear who will be the show’s primary villain, but there could be no one as vile and wicked as Game of Thrones’ Joffrey Baratheon. A spoiled brat who abused his powers, Joffrey was one of the rarest villains who was universally hated by everyone, from the characters to the viewers themselves.

Joffrey was quite a straightforward villain who always had dark and sadistic intentions to harm people. Though he was the king for some time, he didn’t possess the qualities of one due to his cowardice and incompetence, so fans couldn’t help but make memes that very well illustrate his character and cruelty.

Shock And Awe

Few deaths on Game of Thrones were more shocking and sad than that of Ned Stark, whose execution at Joffrey’s hands would have profound consequences for Westeros as a whole. However, as this meme brilliantly points out, this wasn’t something that Joffrey seemed to care at all about.

In fact, he seemed to take an inordinate amount of pleasure in advertising the fact that he was willing to execute one of the most honorable and well-loved men in the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms. Joffrey, once again, showed no compassion or respect for the dead, something this meme conveys very well.

Taking All The Credit

There’s no question that Tyrion is one of the smartest characters in the series, and he was one of the major architects of the victory at the Blackwater. However, as this meme brilliantly points out, Joffrey was never the type of person to allow anyone else to take credit, not when it was in his grasp to do so.

Thus, it makes sense that he would try to pretend that, as the king, he was responsible for the victory over those who would take his throne, particularly if that allowed him to insult his uncle in the process.

The Sadism

Joffrey was, without a doubt, one of the cruelest and most sadistic of the many characters to appear in Game of Thrones. This brilliant meme, which is a mashup of Beauty and the Beast and Game of  Thrones, uses Gaston’s incredulity that Belle would be reading a book without pictures to nicely capture Joffrey’s dismay at not having any sort of violence at a tourney held in his benefit.

As so often was the case with Joffrey, he wanted things to be as bloody as possible in order to maximize his own pleasures.

He’s Not As Unique As He Thinks

One of the things that made Game of Thrones one of the best series on HBO was its ability to engage with politics. The War of the Five Kings was, indeed, one of the most notable events in the series. This meme perfectly captures Joffrey’s sense of incredulity that there would be anyone else who would dare to lay claim to the Iron Throne.

In some ways, it would be exactly this incredulity that anyone would dare raise a hand against him. That would render him so susceptible to the assassination attempt that ultimately took his life.

An Uncanny Similarity

The Boys is one of the best series streaming on Amazon Prime, and, like Game of Thrones, it is all about power and the horrible things that people, including superheroes, will do to grab it and hold onto it. Its main villain, Homelander, in fact, has a lot of similarities to Joffrey, as this meme brilliantly points out.

The two are both characters who, somewhat of the ways in which they were raised, ultimately become dangerous psychopaths who put the lives of many thousands in danger simply because they can. And, to further cement the similarity, they look alike.

The Joy Of Death

Morbid as it might be to say, there are some deaths in Game of Thrones that are simply satisfying, mostly because the people in question have caused untold suffering. This is particularly true of Joffrey, who is arguably one of the worst kings to have sat on the Iron Throne.

This meme brilliantly shows the extent to which many fans still respond with glee when they realize that the Purple Wedding is about to take place. And, of course, Joey from Friends best represents every fans’ reaction when they watch Joffrey die from poison.


Part of what makes Joffrey one of the least likable characters on Game of Thrones is the way in which he is something of a contradiction. To outward appearances, he appears as a golden child, with his Lannister good looks and the charm he is sometimes able to muster.

This meme draws attention to his similarity to a similarly saccharine (and awful) character from Little House of the Prairie. Like Joffrey, the classic sitcom sometimes seemed as if it was a little too good to be true.

No One Takes Him Seriously

Though he was one of those people who took him very seriously, Joffrey struggled to gain the respect that he felt he was owed, even by members of his own family. This meme brilliantly substitutes Meg (one of the most disrespected characters on Family Guy) to express this fundamental aspect of Joffrey’s character.

And, of course, the brilliance of the meme lies in its ability to show just how little Joffrey deserved the recognition that he so desperately craved from those around him.

One Can’t Blame Her

Few characters suffered more than Sansa Stark, and much of this can be laid at Joffrey’s door. In fact, his desire to make the Stark woman’s life as miserable as possible remained one of the key aspects of his toxic character.

This is perfectly captured in this meme, which juxtaposes Joffrey’s horrible death at his own wedding (one of the most satisfying moments in the series) with Sansa’s mingled revulsion and relief at finally being freed from his tyranny. It’s a meme that perfectly encapsulates how hated Joffrey became by the end of his time on the series.



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