Game Developers Compliments Remarks About PlayStation 5


As it is known, before the game consoles are released, the so-called developer kit is sent to the developers and the games and systems are developed through these hardware. Now Sony is counting the days to announce the new console, PlayStation 5, and the developer’s kit has been delivered to the relevant locations. The first comments from the developers indicate that the PlayStation 5 will be a very good console.

The year 2019, which we are about to end, was an interesting year as it hosted quite different developments for the gaming world, such as cloud-based gaming systems and subscribed gaming services. In 2020, the game consoles to be released will be another milestone in the gaming world.

Expectations from both Microsoft and Sony are increasing with each passing day, and new information is gradually increasing the enthusiasm of gamers. Especially when there is news about PlayStation 5 in recent days, it moves the pointer to Sony. The developer kit, which we saw a real photo of recently, gave us an idea of ​​the PlayStation 5. Game developers, who work on the developer kit, have praised the game console.

The PlayStation 5 features 3D sound experience and new beam tracking technology:

Samuel Justice of Sweet Justice Sound, who has worked on Fortnite, Mortal Combat 11 and Half-Life: Alyx, said the new game console is very talented in terms of sound. Stating that they have successfully produced acoustic sound models using different techniques in the past, Justice said that the application of the automatic 3D sound model in the console is a big step for the sounds in the games.

Stefania Hernandez, a lighting designer for games at IO Interative, told Gamesradar about the graphic features of the game. Hernandez stated that they had to make additional light touches in order to make realistic scenes realistic in the current technology.

“The next-generation game console will improve visual quality and offer realism in lighting,” said Marco Barrettara, who is based in Toronto’s giant game developer Ubisoft.

As it is known, the new PlayStation controller has recently been patented and a look at the rear buttons on the controller has been taken. The artificial intelligence support patent on the PlayStation VR also excited the gaming world. Although some visuals of the console’s design are shared, it is necessary to be skeptical about whether these are true or not and expect Sony to announce the official statement. Stay tuned for details on Sony’s new game console.

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