Game design: 7 courses for beginners to enter the market


A 2018 survey conducted by the Newzoo agency, specializing in consulting in the gaming market, showed that Brazil is the 13th largest game market in the world – and the largest in Latin America. With the exponential growth of this market, the country has 75.7 million players that generated an estimated revenue of 1.5 billion dollars.

The game design profession is at the top of the list of dream jobs for all those who intend to engage in the development market. Whoever works in this occupation, is in charge of creating all the dimensions and challenges that a player encounters during the gameplay of a game.

While video games are fun to play, they are often complex to create and develop. Whoever works in game design is responsible for planning stories, creating environments and carrying out tests to solve any eventual problems. They also need to collaborate with other members of the development team, including artists, programmers and audio engineers.

As one of the most desired positions, the competition to get a good job in the game design area is fierce, requiring the commitment of the professional in the search for improvement. With that in mind, we at TecMundo have separated 7 online game design courses for you who want to enter this attractive job market. Check it out below:

Character Design & Creation

Learn how to create characters for stories, animations, games, comics and advertisements. Understand how the character creation process works, from briefing to delivery.

The character designer works closely with directors, modelers and animators to create the look and feel of all the characters in a game. They create a variety of designs, usually including multiple models for a single character.

In addition to learning the way to start working on creation, the course content is also a shortcut to produce a good portfolio, with the type of art that really represents you, showing your techniques and inspirations.

Pixel Art for games in an uncomplicated way

Learn the fundamentals to create pixel art, scenarios and objects that make up the scene. Create character and understand how to animate them for games of different styles.

Anyone familiar with classic 90s games, like Final Fantasy Tactics and Super Mario, understands the general aspects of Pixel Art. The technique uses the aesthetics and properties of 8- and 16-bit graphics to create worlds, characters, and ultimately , complete games – like the classics mentioned above.

The suggested course covers the fundamentals to create Pixel Art, as well as the creation and animation of scenarios, objects and characters.


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