What Should Game Companies Do to Prevent Cyber ​​Attacks?


What Should Game Companies Do to Prevent Cyber ​​Attacks? Game companies also have various methods developed to prevent hackers from becoming a fearful dream. But hackers somehow manage to defeat these methods. So what should game companies do about it?

Games are still an indispensable platform for hackers. Zynga’s popular online game Words With Friends was hacked and stolen information on 218 million users.

When hackers manage to infiltrate a game, they can steal users’ identities, money and belongings in the game and cash them in the real world. In addition, hackers can even cause online games to crash. This, of course, leads to a great rebellion in game lovers.

GameBeat also organized a webinar – an internet seminar – to address this problem and talk about how game companies can be protected from cyber attacks.

Jonathan Singer offers a solution to keep games from hacking:

These cyber attacks can lead to overshadowing companies, losing players’ confidence in the company and the security system of the game. Not to mention the cost of repairs. The Akamai-sponsored webinar provided practical advice for every company. Jonathan Singer, a strategist at Akai, has suggested how game companies can be protected against cyber attacks.

Ide In theory, this is a fairly simple process, Jonath says Jonathan Singer. You need to enter the API and login page codes on OWASP. The codes added on the OWASP must comply with the specified safety measures. Then you should try to infiltrate the system repeatedly to determine the security of the codes you entered. This is one of the most important issues to focus on since the game is the entry point. In order to protect your players and your company from cyber attacks, you should consider this stage a lot..

Singer continued as follows; “There’s a lot of concern about security, bots, cheat codes and player IDs. There are still different obstacles to overcome. Some companies prefer to come up with their own solutions to these problems. Of course I understand that. Sometimes they think they can buy the best solution. But there are so many obstacles to be overcome in terms of security that the main focus of this process is the other needs of the players. ”

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