Game That You Can Help Real-Life Scientists While Playing: Borderlands Science


If you are one of those who love to play and science, you have the opportunity to help scientists while playing games. Thanks to Borderlands Science, you can help carry out research that can solve many problems in the future.

Some people excite computer games, some people science, and others excite both computer games and science. For scientists who love to play computer games, Borderlands 3 has the opportunity to help scientists.

Gearbox, the developer studio of the Borderlands game; McGill University collaborated with Massively Multiplayer Online Science and The Microsetta Initiative to collect human body research at Borderlands Science.

Helping scientists with Borderlands Science:

According to the statement made by Gearbox, it can help scientists better understand these ecosystems by mapping microbes in the human intestine. In this way, infrastructure can be prepared for future research. Starting today, the Borderlands 3 players will be in the 3rd Shelter. They can solve block puzzles created in the laboratory of Tannis based on DNA sequences. Players can help scientists overcome the challenges they face in real life with these puzzles they solve.

As you can see from the video you can watch from above, you will try to bring the colored boxes representing different nucleotides to their columns. Also, it is not always possible to sort these boxes correctly, but trying to solve these puzzles will help identify errors in real-world computer analysis.

You will also be able to help science and scientists by solving these puzzles and earn rewards within the game. It may be a good activity to both play and help scientists these days when we should not leave our homes unless it is especially necessary. You can reach the page with details about Borderlands Science here.


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