Game Boy-style Pokémon Sword and Shield recreated


A talented gamer dedicates the recent Nintendo Switch title in a video with the visual flair of the first generation. The 25th anniversary is approaching.

The 25th anniversary of Pokémon will not only be celebrated by The Pokémon Company, but also by the players. Whether it’s with a thank you message, a photo with our collection, or simply revisiting classics, there are a thousand ways to remember the old days. The talented artist and aspiring manga artist Hayate Keiunji, a Japanese youtuber, has turned nostalgia into homage through the video below: a Game Boy-style recreation of the Galar region, from Pokémon Sword and Shield.

As if it were the Red / Green / Blue editions, with which everything began in the Kanto region in 1996 in Japan, this time it is a demake of Generation VIII, the current one, with a Galar in black and white , sprites, sound recreations of the Nintendo Switch video game and buildings that respect the architectural style of the time. Pueblo Amura and Pueblo Yarda, among others, as we had not seen (or heard) before.

Pokémon turns 25 on February 27

The 25th anniversary of Pokémon is going to be celebrated in a big way. Apart from the already confirmed Post Malone concert, the official statement issued to the media anticipates that we will have news and announcements related to the saga between February 22 and 28; the week of said anniversary. Next week.

It is expected that new projects will be announced and, among them, new video games. Although the fan community has been asking for a remake of Pokémon Pearl and Diamond for years, the truth is that there is no official indication to rely on, so all are at the moment assumptions and, consequently, mere wishes. In just a few days we will have doubts.

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And you, what ad or ads would you like to see? New Pokemon spin-offs for Nintendo Switch? The return of a classic saga like Pokémon Pinball or Ranger? Will we have a main game in 2021?


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