Galaxy Z Fold2 is a candidate to direct the business world


Samsung unveiled its newest foldable screen smartphone model Galaxy Z Fold2 with the Unpacked Part2 event held last week. Z Fold2, which brings more flexibility and additional functions to the smartphone experience, aims to respond to the needs of business people.

Smartphone concept gives a new identity

Z Fold2, one of the most famous smartphone models of the recent period with its foldable screen, 7.6 inch main screen and powerful hardware, stands out not only with its technical features but also with the new functions it has achieved thanks to these features.

We are all aware of the importance of every second in business life. Especially in today’s digital world, it is critical to be mobile, to be able to easily get things done on the road, at home or even in the gym. Despite all this, we still need to get aside and turn on our computer for many jobs. At this point, Z Fold2 comes with a new value proposition to its user.

This new model combines the smartphone experience with a tablet with its 7.6 inch wide screen. In this way, users can have more functional experiences than a smartphone and more functional than a tablet. The Z Fold2 smart screen, whose screen to frame ratio and screen size are improved compared to its previous series, can be used at wide screen refresh rates from 11 Hz to 120 Hz, which makes it possible for you to have a longer-lasting battery.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Business world to strengthen with Galaxy Z Fold2

We have covered the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 extensively, but we cannot highlight the new functions as important as the technical features. Let’s say that you can participate in video conferences “Hands-free” thanks to its flexible mode, and you can use another screen as a panel while watching the conference from one screen.

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While working on a document, you can work more comfortably with the Samsung keyboard divided into two on the full screen rather than a conventional smartphone keyboard, or you can use the Z Fold2 by folding it like a laptop. This is the real point where Z Fold2 stands out: An innovative smartphone that can leave the preference to its user.


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