Galaxy Z Fold S can offer 360º hinge like Surface Duo


Although they offer two completely different proposals, the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Surface Duo are two of the main models of the type available on the market and, apparently, Samsung is planning to adopt a 360º hinge similar to Microsoft.

According to user @folduniverse on Twitter, Samsung would be developing the Galaxy Z Fold S to offer a foldable smartphone with a screen that rotates 360 degrees, but apparently the similarities with the Surface Duo end there.

Unlike Microsoft’s slimmer model (as you can see below), the Z Fold S should offer a single flexible internal display, not two separate displays. This would allow the user to use in the same modes as the Duo: with the model completely open in “tablet mode”, partially folded in “tent mode” and “notebook mode” and with the rear panels touching, with the internal screen completely exposed both front and rear for “smartphone mode”.

Even thicker body than the Z Fold 2?

Due to the use of a single flexible screen, it is very likely that the thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold S will remain similar or even thicker than the Z Fold 2. Adopting a single flexible panel will make Samsung need even more space for the screen to curve not only inward, but also outward.

The leak corroborates rumors last month, which pointed to the launch of three models of the Galaxy Z Fold line in 2021 and the Z Fold S among them with its 360-degree hinge.

More news is expected to emerge over the next few months, as we know how inevitable the leaks regarding Samsung products are before their launches.


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