Galaxy Z Fold 3: Video Disassembles Cell Phone and Shows Maintenance


Galaxy Z Fold 3: Last Wednesday (11), Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and enthusiasts have already started to receive the device for testing and reviews. YouTube channel PBK Reviews published this week a video in which the folding is dismantled, showing the interior and maintenance possibilities.

The production ended up revealing how complicated it is to open and manipulate the smartphone, which uses a lot of glue and adhesives to keep the components in place. Within the “Repairability Scale”, which PBK reports at the end of the contents, Z Fold won 2/10. “It’s a very difficult phone to disassemble and consume a lot of time,” he concluded. Check out the full video below — available in English only.

don’t try this at home

Inside the short, you can see the two batteries – 2,280 mAh and 2,120 mAh – that make up the 4,400 mAh of the original ad. With the removal of the PCB, the triple set for photos is also visible, which has 12 MP both on the main sensor, on the telephoto and on the wide-angle camera.

Underneath the thermal paste, at the mark of 7 minutes and 30 seconds, you can see the Snapdragon 888 processor and 12 GB of RAM memory. In total, there are 35 Philips screws ready to be lost and, since the Fold will cost from US$1,799.99, around R$9,626 in direct conversion, it is not necessary to say that only trained professionals should try to “play” with the interior of the equipment.

For more technical details and foldable reviews, check out our hands-on with Samsung’s new foldable phone.


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