Galaxy Z Fold 3: Bootloader Unlock Disables Cameras


Galaxy Z Fold 3: Samsung‘s new folding devices were announced earlier this month and enthusiasts have already discovered the company’s new disincentive for unlocking the bootloader. According to members of the XDA forum, the latest notice to confirm the process on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 states that all cameras on the device will be disabled.

After turning on the unlocked smartphone, the built-in camera-related apps can no longer work — face recognition is also stopped. ShiroiKuma, one of the users who made the discovery, claims that he tried to install third-party apps but was unsuccessful. Check out an example of the error below.

In addition to voiding the warranty on the device, modifications by the bootloader can trigger the Knox security suite, making it impossible to use certain applications, such as Samsung Pay.

Unlocking the startup program is important if the user wants to install another operating system, have access to certain administrator features or needs to turn on and format the device if a problem makes “normal” use impossible. The South Korean giant has not yet commented on the case and has not explained whether the snag will affect other devices in the future.

After relocking the equipment, the cameras returned to work. According to XDA Developers, this indicates that the blocking works by software, so perhaps it is “avoidable” through root access, which makes it possible to detect and modify the parameters responsible for disabling. However, according to user Ianmacd, the Magisk root access tool still does not allow removing the restriction.


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