Galaxy Z Fold 3: Best Folding But Far From The Best Phone


The new Galaxy Z Fold 3, from Samsung, arrives with the proposal to refine and further arouse the public’s interest in devices with the concept of “smartphone that becomes tablet”. But was evolution enough to convince the most skeptical of this type of device?

I spent a few days using the Z Fold 3 as my main cell phone and I’ve gathered here everything I could test and you need to know about it. Now let’s get to know this new Samsung folding better.


Design and construction

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a better-built version of the Z Fold 2. When you catch your eye, they look very similar, but the newer model is lighter and thinner, which improves the grip with it closed.

But don’t be fooled, because it’s still a heavy phone and the external screen proportion still has that “remote control” format, very long, which makes it difficult to touch icons that are there at the top of the display, but you can make small tasks and follow the Twitter feed.

The rear cameras are still popped and make it difficult to use the device with this part supported on the table without a cover, since it is wobbly. Despite closing very well at the edges, the gap that is in the middle of the closed device still allows a lot of stuff to go in here to attack the screen.

On the right side, we have the volume and power buttons, which is where the digital reader is, and on the left only the chip drawer. Stereo sound output is split between top and bottom and connection is USB-C.

One of the big highlights of the Z Fold 3 is that it’s tougher. The hinge feels firmer and still has that amazing engineering to leave the device open at different angles. The outer part is protected by the protected by an aluminum alloy sledgehammer (Armor Aluminium) and by the Gorilla Glass Victus on the glass part.

The internal screen still uses Samsung’s so-called “Ultra Thin Glass”, covered with layers of plastic, the last of which is the protective film made of PET. Now it is also stronger and promising 80% more durability to the folding. The crease is still here and there’s that depression in the middle of the screen, but I’ll confess that this is no longer a bother after you’ve been using the braces for some time.


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