Galaxy Z Fold 2 was opened for pre order by mistake!


The highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 2 price came out as a result of an error. The new Galaxy Z Fold is available for pre-order on the South Korean manufacturer’s website in the UK. The pre-order process was planned to start later, but we can say that with the error, the device was not hidden.

After the price of the device was revealed, some campaigns also appeared on the pre-order page.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 price revealed

Samsung’s foldable phone initiatives cannot become widespread enough to be in all of our pockets for now due to the high price tag. Galaxy Z Fold, one of the first examples of foldable phones, is replaced by Galaxy. The resulting price of number two is again as expected; 1799 pounds sterling.

galaxy z fold 2 fiyatı

The price of the first model of the series was £ 100 more expensive. The reason for this may be that the Galaxy Buds headphones were removed from the box contents of the new model. While this wireless headset is included in the box of the first Galaxy Z Fold model, such a headset will not be included in the box of the second model.

We will learn the release date of the phone with the second Unpacked event to be held on September 1.

According to the information on the pre-order page, there will be some offers for those who buy with Samsung Pay. According to the order page, Samsung Pay customers will get a 5 percent discount on the phone. In addition, the YouTube Premium service will be provided for free.

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