Galaxy Z Fold 2 passes soil test that its predecessor failed


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 passed the endurance test of YouTube producer Zack Nelson, whom we know from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. The test confirms Samsung’s claim that the hinge used in this year’s device is more durable.

In Nelson’s test, a handful of soil was also poured onto Samsung’s new foldable phone. Despite this, the hinge of the phone opens and closes smoothly. This shows that dust and soil grains cannot enter the hinge mechanism in any way.

Durability was one of Samsung’s biggest promises when it introduced the Z Fold 2 last August. The company even included a part of Nelson’s durability test video for the first Galaxy Fold model to show the importance it attaches to. In that video, it showed that grains of a handful of soil spilled on the foldable phone somehow escaped into the mechanism. There was an uncomfortable noise when the phone was turned off and on due to the dust escaping. You can hear this in the video below:

Samsung is using a similar technology of the “broom” that it introduced with the Galaxy Z Flip model in the Galaxy Z Fold 2. In this way, dust is prevented from entering the foldable screen or if dust has gotten it, it is thrown out. The company does not claim that the phone is water and dust resistant, but tests show that if the phone is accidentally exposed to a small amount of dust, it will not suffer.

Nelson did not take the phone apart during the ruggedness test. Therefore, we did not see if dust actually got into the hinge mechanism. However, in the Z Flip removal process carried out by iFixit, it was revealed that dust can still pass through the bristles used in the cover mechanism.

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While the hinge appears to be stronger, the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s foldable screen can be easily scratched, like last year’s phone screen or that of the Z Flip released earlier this year. It comes with plastic screen protectors that can be easily scratched on both the inside and outside screen. Samsung strongly recommends that you do not dislodge what is on the screen inside. If you remove it, even if the phone is not damaged as in the first Galaxy Fold model, Nelson said, the inner foldable screen of the phone can easily be scratched or abraded with a nail. In fact, Samsung has included a warning regarding this into the software of the device.

This does not mean that Samsung is not using Ultra Thin Glass technology in the Z Fold 2. However, the glass is only covered with an easily scratchable plastic layer.

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is more robust than last year’s Fold model, it should not be forgotten that it is necessary to use this foldable phone more carefully than a normal smartphone.


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