Galaxy Z Flip 3: Mod Adds New Functions To The External Display


The Galaxy Z Flip 3‘s external display is much smaller than the main display on Samsung’s foldable phone and has limited functionality. But that could change with the arrival of the latest update of a modified version of the operating system, developed specifically for the phone’s reduced-size bezel.

Released in early January, the new CoverScreen OS mod was created by XDA forum user “jagan2”. With it, the Z Flip 3’s 1.9-inch screen can become almost as useful as the main one, including opening virtually all apps installed on the smartphone and adding widgets to the home screen.

The app, which simulates a secondary operating system on the cover screen of the Z Flip 3, also has space for notifications, allowing you to mark them as read and send quick replies. There is also support for gesture navigation, voice keyboard and portrait and landscape modes for viewing content in different positions.

It is worth mentioning the possibility of using Samsung Pay without having to open the phone and go to the main screen. All information about the South Korean giant’s digital wallet, which allows payments by approximation, can be accessed on the small display.

Transforming the external display of the Z Flip 3

To add new functionality to your foldable smartphone’s secondary display, just download the CoverScreen OS app. It is available for free on the Google Play Store and can also be found on the XDA forum.

According to the developer responsible for the project, the mod began to be created since the launch of the first generation of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and receives constant updates, fixing bugs and adding new functions.