Galaxy Z Flip 3 may launch at a higher price than expected


In order to unify its folding nomenclature as it did with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S line a few years ago, Samsung will present the successor to the Galaxy Z Flip as the Galaxy Z Flip 3, skipping a generation to match the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that it will also be presented in 2021.

And while older rumors pointed out that the so-called Z Flip 2 would arrive at a lower price, new indications are that the Samsung folding in flip format will cost a little more than expected.

According to user @TheGalox_ on Twitter, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 would cost about $ 1,499, an increase of $ 120 compared to the first Galaxy Z Flip, launched in the U.S. for $ 1,379.

Compared to the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the new model will then cost $ 50 more, which would represent a second consecutive price increase. Refuting once again the expectation that year after year we would have cheaper foldable smartphones.

Although the user does not have much credibility, the publication went around the world for including a list of possible specifications about the Z Flip 3, some of them already expected and others that are controversial, indicating a price that was not being anticipated and an external screen smaller than the expected.


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