Galaxy Watch Active 4 Leak Reveals Design And Colors


Galaxy Watch Active 4 leak reveals design and colors. Samsung will hold an event with smart watches at its center as part of MWC 2021 next week. While the countdown for this event continues, images that are said to belong to the Galaxy Watch Active 4 model have leaked to the internet.

Images shared by famous sensationalist Steve Hemmerstoffer show a round smartwatch. It can be said that the smart watch with a flat metal frame looks more minimalist compared to Samsung’s previous watches.

Compared to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, it is noteworthy that the side keys of the new model are different. The fact that the keys are a little more protruding means that it will be difficult to miss these keys.

It is also among the leaks that Samsung will not give up the 40 mm option on the Galaxy Watch Active 4, but will offer the 42 mm dial option instead of 44 mm.

Despite this change, Samsung is expected to maintain compatibility with older dials. Apple also made it possible to use old straps, although the size changes.

The watch is expected to be offered in four color options initially, black, silver, gold and green. However, it is possible that the company will change the color palette before the announcement.

While Samsung will hold a smartwatch event at MWC 2021 next week, this event is expected to be software-focused. Therefore, it seems more likely that the Galaxy Watch Active 4 will be introduced in August.


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