Galaxy Watch 5 Series will cost more than its predecessor


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series will come with several updates, but new information has shown that you will have to pay for it — a higher price. Samsung is not the only well—known manufacturer announcing a new smartwatch in 2022. In addition to the new smartwatch, it was also reported that Samsung will release a new fitness tracker as part of its Galaxy Fit line.

In addition to Samsung’s new smartwatch, other long-awaited smartwatches are the Apple Watch Series 8, which is due to appear alongside the iPhone 14 series. Google has also confirmed that its first Pixel Watch smartwatches will be released alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. In addition, other brands such as Fossil and Mobvoi (TicWatch) are also expected to announce new smartwatches.

Several leaks have shown that with the release of the Galaxy Watch 5 in August 2022, there will be significant changes in the Galaxy Watch series. However, these additional features and improvements have apparently led to a higher price for Samsung’s next-generation wearables. The pricing information for Europe shared by Roland Quandt (@rquandt) shows that the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will cost more than their predecessors. Starting with the Galaxy Watch 5, the new smartwatches will be available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, and each size will have Bluetooth and LTE options. The 40mm version with Bluetooth will be sold for 300 euros, and the LTE version for 350 euros. This is a considerable increase compared to the 40-mm Galaxy Watch 4, which were released at a price of 269 and 319 euros, respectively.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will only be available in one size

Those who want to purchase the 44 mm version of the Galaxy Watch 4 will have to pay 350 euros for the Bluetooth version and 400 euros for the LTE version. On the contrary, the Galaxy Watch 4 of the same size is sold at a price of 299 euros for the Bluetooth version and 349 euros for the LTE version. In addition to these prices, the source also announced in which colors they will be available. The 40mm version will be available in rose gold, grey and silver, and those who want a larger 44mm version can choose blue, grey and silver.

A previous report showed that instead of the Galaxy Watch 5 Classic, Samsung will release the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Also, it won’t be available in two sizes like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic or even the Galaxy Watch 5. The only available size will be 45 mm, and it will be sold at a price of 490 euros for the Bluetooth version and 540 euros for the LTE version. . Interested buyers will be able to purchase it in black and titanium colors. For comparison, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic was released at a price of 319 euros for the 42mm Bluetooth version and 419 euros for the LTE version. The large 46mm version is priced at 399 euros for the Bluetooth version and 449 euros for the LTE version.

Although these are European prices, and a simple conversion to US dollars is not what Samsung uses for its US prices, it is still expected that the watch will be sold in the United States at a higher price compared to the Galaxy Watch 4 series, which had a starting price of $ 250. Samsung justifies these prices with features such as a larger battery capacity and a better build. There are also reports that Samsung may add a temperature sensor. The question is whether fans of the series will agree with the new price when Samsung releases the latest watch in August 2022.