Galaxy Watch 4 Should Arrive With WearOS And Glucose Sensor


Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Active may be Samsung’s first smart watches with WearOS. According to a new rumor from South Korea, the manufacturer will launch both smartwatches in August with Google’s wearable system.

According to the Asian website MT, the main source of the rumor, Samsung and Google are working together to create the smart watch. The companies bet that the union of forces can create a product capable of competing with the Apple Watch.

The website points out that Samsung decided to adopt WearOS because of support for applications. The system is more integrated with Android and has more apps than Tizen, present in other wearables of the South Korean brand.

Google is already interested in the launch because of Samsung’s experience with smart watches. According to MT, the company believes that Watch 4 could leverage WearOS and “expand” the operating system to wearables.

Glucose sensor?

In addition to marking the union of Samsung and Google, the Watch 4 line should also bring a glucose sensor. With that, the product could be used to check the blood sugar level quickly.

The novelty had already appeared in previous rumors and can be revolutionary for the wearable. The sensor should allow diabetes patients to measure glucose without the need for fluids, such as a drop of blood.

Rumors still point that the Apple Watch may also win a version capable of reading blood glucose. However, the trend is that the new Apple watch will only arrive in 2022, while Samsung’s smartwatch should show up on the market from August this year.


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