Galaxy Watch 4 Receives Samsung Internet Browser


Galaxy Watch 4: With a large library of apps, Galaxy Watch 4 is touted as one of the best smart watches with the Wear OS system. Now, the wearable also has an internet browser developed by Samsung.

Available on the Google Play Store, the South Korean brand is reviving an old browser present on Tizen smartwatches. The updated version of the app allows users to access web pages directly from their wrist.

Even on a small, circular screen, the Galaxy Watch 4‘s browser opens any webpage. This way, the user can carry out searches, add sites to favorites, send links to the cell phone and even watch videos on YouTube.

The app offers a zoom mode that makes it easy to read and navigate your smart watch. In addition, making the experience more fluid, the software supports voice commands and gesture control.

Although it has a little clumsy actions, the browser on Galaxy Watch 4 can be quite convenient at times. For example, the user won’t need to pick up the cell phone every time they need to do a quick Google search.

Galaxy Watch 4 exclusivity

Samsung’s browser is currently only available for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic models — something that may leave owners of other Wear OS smartwatches disappointed.

On the other hand, Google has already promised that more everyday apps will be available for the operating system. Soon, users will have more dedicated software like Google Maps, Google Pay, YouTube and options created by third-party developers.


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