Galaxy Watch 3’s ECG feature will reach more users


It will bring the ECG capturing and blood pressure measurement features it offers for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to users in more countries. The update will be distributed in 31 countries, most of which are in Europe, on February 4th. The UK, Chile, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates are also covered by the update.

ECG and blood pressure measurement features were initially made available in the USA and Samsung’s homeland South Korea. Approval from the European Union and other countries will bring these features to more users.

These features will be utilized through the Samsung Health Monitor application. The application can be used by Galaxy Watch 3 as well as Galaxy Watch 2 Active owners. ECG feature allows to follow abnormalities in heart rhythm. The blood pressure sensor enables users to see whether their blood pressure is high or low. This makes it easier to identify potential health problems.

It’s also available on Apple Watch Series 4, 5, and 6. Blood pressure measurement feature is offered in Samsung’s smart watches. In short, it can be easily said that the feature that makes a difference for Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch 2 Active is to measure blood pressure rather than ECG.

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